This project will involve promoting the concepts of democracy, participation and governance among minorities (young people, women and people with disabilities) in order to better involve them in the implementation of public policies at the grassroots level. The project that will be implemented finds its full justification in our country, Cameroon, where young people lose their bearings and women remain essentially vulnerable because of their non-involvement, among other things, in democracy and citizenship issues. The use of social networks and digital platforms will not only train and educate beneficiaries in a wider space, but also encourage their participation and put in place a survey system that will provide opportunity to assess and to monitor the management by the local executives of the budgets allocated to them.

Bafoussam III Council

Mayor: Daniel Ndefonkou

1993: Break-up of the rural commune of Bafoussam. The Communes of Lafé Baleng and Bamougoum are created
1996: Effective start of operation of the Municipality. election of the 1 st municipal executive.
2007: The Municipality of Bamougoum becomes Municipality of Bafoussam 3
2008: Creation of the Urban Community of Bafoussam. Bafoussam 3rd is one of the three municipalities of the Urban Community.

Bangangte Council

Mayor: Eric Aimé Niat

The name Bangangté, which designates the entire Municipality, would come from a bad pronunciation by a German colonist of the original expression "Pah ha nteu", literally translated into French by: ’Them refusing subjugation’ ’, which in other words means Those who refuse the domination of others’. Since this period, this expression characterizing this people will remain in its current pronunciation.

Dschang Council

Mayor: Jacquis Kemleu Tchabgou

Dschang is a city located in the western region of Cameroon. The second largest city in the region, it covers an area of 262 km² for a population of 300,000 inhabitants. Historic, tourist, and university city, Dschang is in a dynamic of local development in favor of the remarkable decentralization process put in place by the State of Cameroon and particularly of decentralized cooperation.



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