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This project will involve promoting the concepts of democracy, participation and governance among minorities (young people, women and people with disabilities) in order to better involve them in the implementation of public policies at the grassroots level. The project that will be implemented finds its full justification in our country, Cameroon, where young people lose their bearings and women remain essentially vulnerable because of their non-involvement, among other things, in democracy and citizenship issues. The use of social networks and digital platforms will not only train and educate beneficiaries in a wider space, but also encourage their participation and put in place a survey system that will provide opportunity to assess and to monitor the management by the local executives of the budgets allocated to them.

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Creation date: 1963

On July 21, 1963, at the end of Law No. 62/13 of December 26, 1962 creating the full-fledged Municipality of Dschang, the voters appoint their elected representatives and, on August 15 of the same year, the city of Dschang knows its mayor , Mr. NGUETSOP Paul of the Cameroonian Union who was installed in his functions on October 27, 1963 by the Prefect KEUTCHA Jean.


Mr. NGUETSOP Paul of the Cameroonian Union who was installed in his functions on October 27, 1963 by the Prefect KEUTCHA Jean. At the end of the general elections of May 28, 1967, on June 15, it had a new mayor, candidate of the Cameroonian National Union on June 29, 1967 by the Prefect MYE NDONGO Abraham.


And since 1993, it has housed a public university of higher education which is ranked among the best in the country, with within it the prestigious faculty of agricultural sciences, highly prized in the Central African sub-region. This university has received an average of 30,000 students in recent years. With its 220,000 inhabitants mainly made up of young people, Dschang has human capital reinforced by its university.


The Commune of Dschang is located in the center of the Menoua department in the Western Region of Cameroon, an area of 262 km2 with an estimated population of over 300,000 inhabitants. Its boundaries coincide with those of the district of Dschang. It is made up of five groups: FOTO (99km2), FOREKE-Dschang (86km2), FONGO-NDENG (31km2), FOSSONG-WENTCHENG (18km2) and FOTETSA (7km2). The Municipality of Dschang is limited: in the North by the Municipality of NKONG-Zem; to the South by the Municipality of Santchou; to the East by the Municipality of FOKOUE; to the west by the Municipality of FONGO-TONGO; in the south-west by the Municipality of FONTEM.



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